10 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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You open your email. You see unread customer inquiries, past due to-do lists, and meeting conflicts. On top of these, you have a customer presentation to prepare. You have been juggling so many multiple tasks that your own productivity and focus have been stalled.

Running a business can be so overwhelming that business owners wish they have all the help they can get so they can focus on what matters most.

It’s time to delegate some of these time-consuming tasks to a reliable virtual assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to be more efficient and have more control over your business while making sure that no task is left undone.

Not sure which tasks to delegate? Here are 10 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

Email Management

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Checking and sifting through emails is a tedious job. You need someone who can help declutter your inbox and prioritize the emails that need your immediate attention.

Your virtual assistant can organize your email, answer general queries, and filter them so you can
prioritize the critical ones that require immediate action from you.

Data Entry

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Data entry involves dealing with data in bulk, with thousands of details that should be organized and entered into the system correctly. A virtual assistant can help maintain your database so that it has the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Your virtual data entry assistant can sort out data, format it properly, verify the accuracy of it, and enter it into the system while applying your business-approved process and technique.

Calendar Management

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An up-to-date and conflict-free schedule can keep your mind at ease the entire day. Let your virtual assistant manage your calendar and to-do lists to help you have a smooth and productive day.

Your virtual assistant can schedule your meetings and appointments, accept invitations, and assign tasks.


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Conducting research is time-consuming. By hiring a virtual research assistant, you obtain necessary data and useful insight without having to read from multiple sources and crunch data.

Your virtual research assistant can conduct research for any business topic. They can gather required data, analyze it, and format it for better interpretation and communication.


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Nurturing customers from lead to contract phase is not a one-person job. Having an experienced virtual sales assistant on your team allows you to reach a wider market and rake in huge profit down the road.

Your virtual sales assistant can help nurture your customers through the sales funnel by gathering and sorting leads, doing outbound calls, entering lead information into the customer relationship management (CRM) software, following with leads, and setting up calls and appointments.

Social Media Marketing

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A good social media presence involves a marketing strategy that is planned carefully and executed correctly. Having a social media virtual assistant will help you not only set up social media accounts but also develop an effective campaign for your business.

Your social media virtual assistant can do tasks like setting up and organizing social media accounts, creating and publishing content, developing content and a campaign calendar, managing online communication, and finally analyzing results.


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Preparing good marketing literature can simply not be done in one sitting. With your hands already full of other priorities, you need a skilled virtual assistant who is adept in producing quality content.

Tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant include creating a draft for a brochure or pamphlet, preparing a manual or technical document, and proofreading any marketing literature.

Customer Service

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Keeping your customers happy means maintaining an open line of communication. A virtual customer service assistant will be a key in providing expert support to your customer’s queries, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction.

Your virtual customer service assistant can do the following tasks: set up your support lines and maintain them, answer inquiries about your businesses in real-time, assist customers in navigating your site, process customer requests, deal with orders and deliveries, help customers with system issues, and handle complaints.


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An accurate financial record requires diligent monitoring of your day-to-day financial transactions. A virtual bookkeeping assistant can help your business stay within the budget and gain financial stability.

Your virtual bookkeeper can perform the following responsibilities: generate an invoice, manage payables and receivables, ensure bill payments, handle reconciliations, prepare financial statements, maintain financial data, and create necessary reports.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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To effectively integrate SEO into your marketing strategy, you need a virtual assistant who is highly skilled in digital marketing. Through their SEO efforts, your customers can find your website easily.

Your virtual SEO assistant can perform ongoing keyword research, develop optimization strategies, write blog posts and website content, manage online content, and track website analytics.

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