3 Ways Medical Billing/Coding VAs Can Maximize Reimbursements

Physician’s spend thousands of dollars every year providing expensive services, staffing their offices with billers/coders, and making sure they receive the correct amount of reimbursements from insurance providers or healthcare programs. Hospitals and physicians’ offices rely on these reimbursements to be done accurately, which means investing time and money into a professional biller and coder is a huge priority.


Why Medical Billing and Coding is Important:

1. Correct medical billing and coding is essential for physicians to receive the correct reimbursements for the services they offer.
2. If medical offices do not submit the correct documentation, patients will get billed more by their insurance and healthcare providers. Here are three ways using a medical billing/coding VA can maximize your reimbursements.


1) Using a My Mountain Mover VA is more cost-effective than hiring a medical billing/coding specialist

Because the services that specialists provide are necessary for all physician offices and hospitals, the field is extremely competitive. In California, the average salary for medical billing and coding specialists is $68,698 a year. That is a lot of money for services that our virtual assistants can do just as well. Our medical billing and coding VAs are HIPAA-compliant and have gone through rigorous training to handle your records with accuracy. To learn more about our pricing and how much you save with our VAs, sign up for a free consultation!


2) Constantly changing physician fee schedules require a VA to keep you

Medicare and Medicaid programs are always changing the dates that physicians need to submit their billing documents in order for them to get reimbursed. Physicians need someone reliable to keep up with those deadlines and submit the required forms on time. It is such a simple task to be on top of, but it can easily slip through the cracks of the busy workload physician’s have!


3) Physician compensation brings in a significant amount of money

Every type of physician gets reimbursements, from dermatologists to physical therapists to pediatricians. The average amount of compensation a physician gets per year is $300,000. They receive this money through documenting each procedure, coding it with properly, billing patients, and submitting the correct records to insurance providers and healthcare programs. Each of these steps requires special attention and My Mountain Mover VAs are prepared to execute them with precision and patience.
• Medical Biller VAs can provide services like checking insurance verification for all procedures/visits and updating billing software with rate changes, cash spreadsheets, and collection reports.
• Medical Coder VAs can increase your reimbursements by sequencing all codes for services rendered and examining documents for errors while performing chart audits.

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