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The 6 Essential Skills Every Virtual Assistant Must Have

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The 6 Essential Skills Every Virtual Assistant Must Have

So many tasks but so little time. Most people face this problem in this distracting world. Multiply this by a thousand if you’re a startup business or an established corporation adapting to the new normal.

If you try to handle all tasks on your own, you may find yourself overwhelmed and might give up one day. You have to admit that you just can’t do it all. Getting help from professionals with the right virtual assistant skills is a wise decision if you want to remain competitive in these challenging times.

Finding the right virtual assistant may not be very easy, though. You may be asking, “What skills does a virtual assistant need to have so they can be of great help?” That’s the question we’ll try to answer today.

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Foundational Skills

Time Management

It all starts with how a virtual assistant manages their time. As mentioned earlier, there are so many things to do to make your business competitive. The reason why you’re getting a virtual assistant is to lighten the load and accomplish tasks that you can’t do well alone.

A virtual assistant must learn to identify the tasks that need to be done and allot time for each. Knowing how much time is needed to accomplish a task excellently is a great skill. This helps them manage their time well and make more reliable timeline projections.

Discipline and Focus

Discipline and focus are essential components of time management. A virtual assistant can manage their time well if they are disciplined in their ways and they are focused on the task.
An experienced virtual assistant perhaps fare better than newbies in terms of discipline and focus. Those who have been doing this kind of work for years may have already established a routine. They may have already set their homes up to be conducive for work, which means that their environment gives them the ability to focus.

Discipline and focus, if developed well, allow a virtual assistant to thrive wherever they are.

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Advanced Skills

Online Research

You definitely would want to have a “Googleworm” to help you sort things out. Online research is a specific skill that tops everything else. After all, almost everything can be found via Google these days! In fact, that’s how you landed on this article, right?

There are free resources online that help us with research. The following are examples:

Online courses

Whatever style of learning a person has, there’s a matching online resource available. We don’t need virtual assistants who know it all, but we surely need those who know how to do research online when they need to learn and do new things for us. The skills for online research can actually be considered as a virtual assistant’s superpowers.

Graphic Design

Decades back, graphic design seemed to be a job for those who had years of experience in designing posters, pamphlets, and advertising materials. These days, however, graphic design is an easy-to-do task for those who have the creative eye. For those who don’t, graphic design is a skill that can be learned… if you have the time.

Designing graphics includes:

Choosing the right colors;
Picking the perfect elements; and
Arranging them into a visually appealing material that will reinforce your brand.

Driving brand awareness is something that graphic design can do for you. Creating compelling graphics is a job that can be assigned to a virtual assistant.

Social Media Management

Social media is still relatively new in the business world. Yet, it’s quickly become a relevant venue for marketing across all industries. Managing social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest has become one of the most relevant virtual assistant skills in the 21st century.

Social media management includes:

Researching about competitor’s social media activities
Identifying what type of content works in specific platforms
Coordinating with the graphic designer to create content that works (or creating content on their own)
Scheduling posts on social media
Analyzing social media stats
Implementing changes based on data and stats analysis

Creative Writing

Last but definitely not is creative writing skills. Remember that your target audience now reads online resources before making a decision to purchase a product or service. Among the best ways to convince them to choose you is by writing down an effective and creative content that describes what you’re offering.

That’s why in answering the question, “What skills does a virtual assistant need,” you just cannot omit creative writing from the list. A virtual assistant who knows how to write emails, blogs, website content, social media content, and other types of text that improves messaging can be an asset to your business.

In the online world where competitors make noise every day, it’s hard to keep up when you do it all alone. Have you considered getting a virtual assistant to help you? Do you still have doubts or worries about hiring a virtual assistant? Are you concerned your business processes might be affected if you delegate some of your tasks to a virtual assistant?

Schedule a consultation with us. We at My Mountain Mover are more than willing to address your concerns. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the top virtual assistant that best fits your needs.

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In-House or Virtual Assistant: Which is Better?

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In-House or Virtual Assistant: Which is Better?

Everyone dreams of financial freedom. For people like you, doing business is the ticket to the realization of that dream. Besides financial gains, being your own boss gives you the much-needed leeway to pursue your passions and take more control over your time — or so many think.

However, reality bites. A thriving business requires more than just passion. While passion keeps the motivation high, you need real manpower to actually get things done. This is where you can appreciate the benefits of a virtual assistant. Given their scope, you can expect that they have a wide range of virtual assistant skills such as those in market research, data entry, email management, content creation, lead generation, sales, and a whole lot more.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should go for a virtual professional when you can go for in-house assistants or secretaries. After all, in-house assistants are the convention, and many big companies have them. In the succeeding sections, you’ll see how virtual assistants fare better than in-house employees on factors that matter to your business.


Costs in terms of salary and overhead are where virtual assistants really have a huge advantage over on-site employees. Let’s take a look at these two expenses one by one.

Virtual assistants are paid lower wages because they are considered independent contractors. This means that you just pay for the price of their services and nothing more. There is no need for added compensation such as health benefits and social security; they take care of these matters themselves. Of course, you can add a performance bonus if you feel like it, but that is totally voluntary.

When it comes to overhead costs, hiring virtual assistants is cheaper simply because there is no need to rent a nice office space for them. Given the high cost of commercial rentals in the United States, saving on rent is going to have a big positive impact on your business’s financial structure.

Aside from money spent on office space, you also get to save money spent on office equipment such as laptops or computers. Virtual assistants use and maintain their own tools. If there really is a need for it, all that you have to purchase are licenses for business software.

Given all of these savings, having a virtual assistant or two by your side can help you save up to 70% on employment costs. This is a lot of money; and you can definitely use it on more important line items in your budget such as marketing and product development or improvement.

Talent and Skill

It’s totally understandable if you want to work only with the best talents. However, there is no evidence that either in-house assistants or virtual assistants are more talented than the other. This means that as far as this factor is concerned, it’s a draw.

But virtual assistants are highly productive and efficient in their work because they understand that their income depends on the value they provide to their client, and not on the number of hours they have rendered. Your virtual assistant only needs a background about your business and your goals and thorough instructions of his/her tasks. You will be surprised how fast he/she can check off his/her to-do list once he/she starts working for you.


No one can deny that communication is a really important part of business. Frankly speaking, the people that you work with on-site are oftentimes the easiest to communicate with. You can simply approach them if there are matters that need to be discussed. So, when it comes to communication, the on-site assistants win over the virtual assistants.

Of course, there are numerous things that can be done to make sure that communication, albeit virtual, between you and your virtual assistant is constant and effective. Because they are mobile, they can work either at home or in shared office spaces where the internet connection is a lot more stable. You can communicate with your virtual assistants through email, voice calls, chat or social messaging, and video conferencing. As long as there is a stable internet, communicating with your virtual assistant won’t be a problem.


When you do business, there are times when you need to accomplish short-term assignments or tasks such as doing market research and making reports. Virtual assistants are perfect for such tasks because they understand that their work is mostly project-based. They won’t mind being moved from one function to another, depending on what your business needs at the moment. This hop from one task to another may even be exciting for them because they love to learn and acquire more skills.


To conclude, it is quite clear that you get more benefits when you choose to hire a virtual assistant. Yes, there are challenges, but these are matters that can be remedied quite easily.

If you want to hire a virtual assistant and you are not sure how you can move forward with this, My Mountain Mover is here to help. We connect you with our Mountain Mover virtual assistants from the Philippines who fit your unique needs. Rest assured that they are reliable professionals because they are vetted using an extremely in-depth and thorough process — selecting only the top 2% in the industry. They also go through extensive training on the most up to date systems and software to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in your business.

Call My Mountain Mover today at (909) 610-9793, and get $500 off your first monthly bill.

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5 Reasons Why Successful Companies Are Hiring Virtual Assistants

successful companies

5 Reasons Why Successful Companies Are Hiring Virtual Assistants.

Are you worried about the mounting paperwork on your desk? Do you have a heavy workload at the moment? Or is there just a lot of pending stuff that you need to take care of? We can go on and on, but one things for sure is that you need them done on time!

Here's the rub: Doing a lot of time-consuming tasks for your business can be overwhelming and distressing. It would be best if you acknowledged that you cannot do everything by yourself. You need help, and you need it fast!

When you’re facing a tremendous amount of work, it’s the perfect time to hire a virtual assistant to work for you.

But what are virtual assistants? What do they do?

What are Virtual Assistants?

In simple terms, virtual assistants are skilled independent contractors who provide various services to business owners and executives and work from a remote location.

Virtual assistants provide vital services to clients, including but not limited to administrative services like writing reports and emails, keeping track of the client’s business schedules and appointments, screening incoming calls, and doing market research. They can also perform advanced and technical tasks like team and project coordination, SEO, Google ads management, email marketing, product listing optimization, order fulfillment, and several others.

Most virtual assistants usually work in their own home offices. To avoid boredom, some would prefer to go out and do their work in coffee shops or co-working spaces where there is stable Internet connection and reasonable peace and privacy.

Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants

Throughout the years, being a virtual assistant has become a popular online job. Those who take on these jobs have in-demand talents and skills, which is why companies benefit so much from their virtual assistants.

The following sections discuss some of the specific reasons successful companies are hiring virtual assistants.

1. Increase Your Company's Efficiency

The perks of having virtual assistants have long been enjoyed by entrepreneurs like Amy Vetter of B3 Method Institute, David Breckheimer of Keller Williams Realty, Inc., and even independent professionals like best-selling author and award-winning publisher, Richard Mcmunn, among others.

Sources say that these entrepreneurs and professionals are triumphant in their operations because they do not overwhelm their key employees with various tasks that could be delegated to virtual assistants. They understand that for their team to function at a high level, they need to ensure their employees have ample time and focus on meaningful projects that are important to their business. So when they see that their team has an enormous amount of work on their plates, they immediately seek the help of virtual assistants.

Not getting a pool of virtual assistants for fear of increasing salary costs will affect your team's efficiency. Hire virtual assistants and delegate some of your menial tasks to them. You will see better results not only in the efficiency of your team, but considerable savings in employment costs as well. Read on to discover what the other benefits are when you have virtual assistants to support your business.

2. Improve Your Products and Services

One of the visions of many companies, perhaps including yours, is to not be stagnant. You need someone to be your eyes and ears in the market. You need a virtual assistant to be updated on what is current and trending. You need a virtual assistant to research the new preferences of mainstream customers by getting both negative and positive feedback. You need the inputs of other people to improve the products and services that your company offers, and virtual assistants can bring you just that.

3. Saves You Valuable Time

Time is equivalent to gold if you use it properly. If you want your business to thrive, maximize your time by doing something that has more impact on your business. You can only do so if you invest in virtual assistance and get a pool of skilled and talented people from different parts of the world to work for you.

You might have a lot of brilliant ideas in mind, but you could not realize them because of time constraints and lack of human resources. Now is the time to fulfill your vision for your company. You, your employees, and your virtual assistants can work together to achieve your business goals.

Who knows? With your virtual assistants, your company can even earn passive income. You see, time really is gold!

4. Add Flexibility To Your Business

Are you planning to have 24-hour customer service for your company? Well, virtual assistance is the answer. Since you get to work with virtual assistants from other parts of the world, like the Mountain Mover virtual assistants who are based from the Philippines, you can rest assured that your avid customers’ needs and queries will be served and attended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outsourcing has become a trend nowadays. There are plenty of virtual assistants willing to work the graveyard shifts just to conform to your time zone. This, hence, makes the schedule of your business operations totally flexible.

5. Assist in Cost-Cutting

If you think that hiring virtual assistants is an additional cost for your company, think again. Entrusting some of your business’s functions to a virtual assistant can actually save you a great deal of fortune. An estimated 78 percent of your operating costs every year can be saved if you hire a virtual assistant rather than a full-time employee.

If you want to bring your company costs even lower, you can hire virtual assistants from countries with low costs of living. You can already close deals with skilled virtual assistants from those places for a rate way lower than 35 dollars per hour. Besides giving them work opportunities, you are also giving them and their families an excellent chance to enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life.

So, do you have some tasks that need to get done in the next few days? Don’t wait too long to finish it alone and be stressed out. Invest in a reliable virtual assistant that My Mountain Mover can expertly provide for you! Contact us at (909) 610-9793 for more details. You can also send us an email at



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10 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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You open your email. You see unread customer inquiries, past due to-do lists, and meeting conflicts. On top of these, you have a customer presentation to prepare. You have been juggling so many multiple tasks that your own productivity and focus have been stalled.

Running a business can be so overwhelming that business owners wish they have all the help they can get so they can focus on what matters most.

It’s time to delegate some of these time-consuming tasks to a reliable virtual assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to be more efficient and have more control over your business while making sure that no task is left undone.

Not sure which tasks to delegate? Here are 10 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

Email Management

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Checking and sifting through emails is a tedious job. You need someone who can help declutter your inbox and prioritize the emails that need your immediate attention.

Your virtual assistant can organize your email, answer general queries, and filter them so you can
prioritize the critical ones that require immediate action from you.

Data Entry

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Data entry involves dealing with data in bulk, with thousands of details that should be organized and entered into the system correctly. A virtual assistant can help maintain your database so that it has the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Your virtual data entry assistant can sort out data, format it properly, verify the accuracy of it, and enter it into the system while applying your business-approved process and technique.

Calendar Management

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An up-to-date and conflict-free schedule can keep your mind at ease the entire day. Let your virtual assistant manage your calendar and to-do lists to help you have a smooth and productive day.

Your virtual assistant can schedule your meetings and appointments, accept invitations, and assign tasks.


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Conducting research is time-consuming. By hiring a virtual research assistant, you obtain necessary data and useful insight without having to read from multiple sources and crunch data.

Your virtual research assistant can conduct research for any business topic. They can gather required data, analyze it, and format it for better interpretation and communication.


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Nurturing customers from lead to contract phase is not a one-person job. Having an experienced virtual sales assistant on your team allows you to reach a wider market and rake in huge profit down the road.

Your virtual sales assistant can help nurture your customers through the sales funnel by gathering and sorting leads, doing outbound calls, entering lead information into the customer relationship management (CRM) software, following with leads, and setting up calls and appointments.

Social Media Marketing

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A good social media presence involves a marketing strategy that is planned carefully and executed correctly. Having a social media virtual assistant will help you not only set up social media accounts but also develop an effective campaign for your business.

Your social media virtual assistant can do tasks like setting up and organizing social media accounts, creating and publishing content, developing content and a campaign calendar, managing online communication, and finally analyzing results.


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Preparing good marketing literature can simply not be done in one sitting. With your hands already full of other priorities, you need a skilled virtual assistant who is adept in producing quality content.

Tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant include creating a draft for a brochure or pamphlet, preparing a manual or technical document, and proofreading any marketing literature.

Customer Service

Healthcare services

Keeping your customers happy means maintaining an open line of communication. A virtual customer service assistant will be a key in providing expert support to your customer’s queries, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction.

Your virtual customer service assistant can do the following tasks: set up your support lines and maintain them, answer inquiries about your businesses in real-time, assist customers in navigating your site, process customer requests, deal with orders and deliveries, help customers with system issues, and handle complaints.


Healthcare services

An accurate financial record requires diligent monitoring of your day-to-day financial transactions. A virtual bookkeeping assistant can help your business stay within the budget and gain financial stability.

Your virtual bookkeeper can perform the following responsibilities: generate an invoice, manage payables and receivables, ensure bill payments, handle reconciliations, prepare financial statements, maintain financial data, and create necessary reports.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

marketing services

To effectively integrate SEO into your marketing strategy, you need a virtual assistant who is highly skilled in digital marketing. Through their SEO efforts, your customers can find your website easily.

Your virtual SEO assistant can perform ongoing keyword research, develop optimization strategies, write blog posts and website content, manage online content, and track website analytics.

Finding a skilled virtual assistant to work for you does not always mean higher expenses. With My Mountain Mover, you will get affordable and reliable virtual assistant services. Our experienced Filipino virtual assistants went through a strict selection and training process to ensure that you will only get the best virtual assistance. You can use the money you saved from outsourcing by acquiring new equipment, develop new products, expand to new markets, and so on.

Call My Mountain Mover today at (909) 610-9793 and avail of the $500 discount on your first month. If you refer a friend and he/she decides to sign up, you will get a 50% discount on your second month.

Schedule your free consultation immediately, and we will match you with a skilled My Mountain Mover virtual assistant from our list.

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How Virtual Assistants Help Your Business Grow

You may have heard of virtual assistants from fellow entrepreneurs or read about them from top business websites. They claim virtual assistants are the game-changers every business should have. So you might be asking, “What are virtual assistants and how can they help my business grow?”

Entrepreneurs who do more easily rise above their competitors. The more tasks accomplished, the more the business moves forward. This is how things work, right? In theory, yes. However, things get a little bit more complicated in actual practice.

You see, you can be crossing off tasks from your to-do list and still not get anywhere near your goal! You need to be doing the right things in order to move your business forward. This requires having the right perspective and the right task prioritization strategy, which can only happen if you have enough time on your hands.

This is where virtual assistants can help

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do

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For a business to run smoothly, a lot of moving parts are involved; ranging from simple tasks to efforts that either make or break the business. Ideally, entrepreneurs like you should be focused on finding and maximizing growth opportunities, but there would be no more time and energy for these if you spend your whole workday composing emails, making follow up calls, sending out invoices, and other similar tasks. Free up your hands and mind and let these clerical tasks be handled by virtual assistants instead.

With that, it is important to take note that virtual assistants are not a magic solution to every business problem. You must know what types of tasks are to be given to them. The ability to delegate time-consuming tasks like data entry and research to a skilled virtual assistant is a desirable business skill every entrepreneur must have.

Also, you can’t expect great results if you don’t communicate properly with your virtual assistant. After all, the quality of communication with your virtual assistant (and any of your team members, for that matter) is a big factor in the success of your business. Talk to them. Provide feedback. Give clear instructions.

Finally, virtual assistants always take their cues from you. Be sure to invest some time in designing processes that help keep you and your virtual assistant aligned with your goals.

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help Your Business

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If you juggle too many tasks on your own, you will find yourself eventually dropping some of the balls, including responsibilities and commitments that are important to your business. Of course, achieving a multitude of tasks is an attractive goal; but it can also be a time-consuming trap. Don’t be busy just for the sake of being busy. In such cases, many tasks are done, but nothing substantial is actually accomplished.

The key to optimal productivity would be to delegate routine tasks to virtual assistants, and leave only the more important ones to yourself and other key members in your team: closing more deals, expanding your business network, and even developing new products. With virtual assistants, you can also reclaim the time you used to spend on clerical tasks and use it on matters that are important to you personally such as spending more time with loved ones, or simply having time for self-care and exercise.

Micheal Gerber said it best in his book The E-Myth: “Work on your business, not just in your business.” You went into business because you want more freedom and time to enjoy life. Don’t be like those entrepreneurs who find themselves trapped, working long hours every day performing tasks that they could have delegated to a virtual assistant.

Low Investment, High Return

Mountain Mover virtual assistant

Of course, costs matter in any business. Hiring virtual assistants is a profitable investment because they free up precious time for entrepreneurs who are scrambling to get things done. The most valuable benefit that they bring is the freedom for entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most.

Scale Up with Virtual Assistants

virtual assistant services

Your firm’s workload increases as the scope of your business grows. Virtual assistants are a cost-effective solution to keeping many moving parts intact as you scale up. Hence, it’s safe to say that working effectively with virtual assistants is the backbone of businesses experiencing exponential growth.

Normally, virtual assistants take on low-value tasks that routinely eat up so much space in a work schedule. Some of these low-value tasks are sending out emails, making follow-up calls, generating marketing leads, doing research, multimedia editing, and other similar functions.

Major Takeaways of Having a Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants are truly the game-changing solution in reclaiming time lost to routine tasks. With them working for you, you will have the time to think about your next move, how to grow your business, and even spend quality time with your loved ones.

Need assistance on how to hire a virtual assistant? My Mountain Mover is here to help you. We have reliable and competent virtual assistants who are well-trained to help busy business owners like you. We offer $500 off your first month if you sign up for our services now. You will also get a referral discount on your second month if you refer a friend to My Mountain Mover, and they also sign up with us. Call us today at (909) 610-9793 to get started.

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