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Medical Virtual Services

Medical/Dental Receptionist

  • Checks In Incoming Patients Over Live Video
  • Secures Patient Authorization for Medical Records Release
  • Monitors & Confirms Patient Schedules & Upcoming Appointments
  • Transfers Lab Results, Handles Email, Fax, & Calls, & Verifies Insurance

Medical Scribe / Transcriptionist

  • Thoroughly Documents & Transcribes Medical Visits
  • List Symptoms & Followup Instructions Relayed by the Doctor
  • Dictation/Faxing/Phone Calls and Clerical Tasks as Needed
  • Accurately Reviews Charts to Expedite Sign Off by the Doctor
  • Sends Laboratory Orders and Referrals

Telehealth/Telemedicine Support

  • Provides Patient Screening, Education, & Care Via Telehealth Platforms
  • Performs Virtual Intakes with Patients to Verify Patient Information & Conduct Preventive Screening
  • Answers Calls, Responds to Routine Inquiries, & Alerts Provider of Any Raised Concerns During Intake

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Assistant

  • Monitors Patients by Reviewing all Vital Signs for Abnormalities in the RPM System
  • Ensures Patients are Utilizing the RPM & Charges Usage for Billing Purposes
  • Confirms that all Documentation is Current in the EHR, RPM Flow Sheet, & RPM System
  • Facilitates the RPM Set-Up & Education while Providing Assessments on Patients' Progress

Medical Biller

  • Checks Eligibility and Insurance Verification for Treatments, Hospitalizations, and Procedures
  • Answers Patient/Insurance Call Inquiries
  • Updates Billing Software with Rate Changes, Cash Spreadsheets, & Collection Reports
  • Sets Up Patient Payment Plans and Follows Up on Unpaid Claims

Medical Coder

  • Analyzes Medical Records and Identifies Documentation Deficiencies
  • Sequence All Codes for Services Rendered
  • Performs Chart Audits & Examines Documents for Errors
  • Assigns CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM and ASA codes

General Administrative Assistant

  • Medical Records Management
  • Insurance Verification
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Authorization & Billing
  • Referral Specialist

Patient Coordinator

  • Appointment Management
  • New Patient Intake
  • Patient Scheduling & Confirmation
  • Test Results Overview with Patient

Telephone Triage Assistant

  • Monitors Triage Calls & Recommends Appropriate Care
  • Ensures Accurate Notes on Consultations & Treatments are Recorded in Patient Records
  • Patient Assessment Based on Patient’s Condition and Medical History

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Why Mountain Mover Virtual Assistants

Why Mountain Mover Virtual Assistants

HIPAA Compliant

All of our virtual assistants are required to complete a robust HIPAA compliance course, covering best practices on patient privacy, security measures, and using and disclosing PHI.

Patient Care

We know that all of the required paperwork and processes can take away from the real goal, serving your patients. By hiring a virtual assistant to take over those processes, you are able to get back to what matters most.

Top 2% of Industry Vetted Professionals

We deliver the highest quality virtual assistants in the healthcare industry. With an extreme vetting process, only the top 2% of all industry professionals make it through in order to better serve you.

Expert Level Training

We believe in providing expert level virtual assistants. All of our healthcare VA’s have gone through extensive training in medical systems and softwares to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in your business.

Proven to Take Your Business to New Heights

Expert Virtual Talent, Guaranteed Results.

Access Healthcare “VA’s have the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered. They improve clinical workflows by increasing work efficiency, and they help improve the experience of healthcare providers, allowing them to spend more time in direct patient care which reduces burnout. As an internal medicine private practice, that's consistently our goal." Practice Manager JOHANNA CAMACHO Amaya Group "Our systems are better than they’ve ever been, our team culture is better than it’s ever been and we’re hiring all the right people." Realtor, Founder of Amaya Group STEVEN AMAYA Stellar Group "It has truly been a huge help offloading a lot of admin tasks that would normally take me or an expensive staff member's time to manage. Database management, emails, text messages, and accounting have now all been outsourced to my virtual assistant." Realtor, Founder of Stellar Group AARON STEL RMA Realty "We've literally moved mountains! We have gone from a 75% capture rate to 94-95% capture rate on our escrows - and that has happened in such a short amount of time." Sales Support Manager ALEXA RAMIREZ Arbor One Escrow “We’ve been able to grow different marketing initiatives anywhere from 30% to over 100%! It’s been pretty incredible, better than what I expected.” Sales Manager LUCY ENCARNACION

Meet Some Of Our Mountain Movers

Our team of expert medical virtual assistants are vetted using an extremely in-depth and thorough process — selecting only the top 2%. Below are a few of these exceptionally talented, virtual team members.

Medical Receptionist
4 YEARS Experience

Theresa excels in administrative duties; handling phone calls, updating and filing patient medical records, insurance verification, medical correspondence, appointment scheduling and arranging hospital admission, laboratory services, and treatments and procedures.

Specialties: Billing, Payment Processing, Patient/Customer Service Skills

Certifications: HIPAA Awareness Training

General Administrative Assistant
7 YEARS Experience

Mayrene excels in patient satisfaction, employee relationship management and quality assurance. She handles payroll and billing processes, invoicing and account management, training of new hires, supervises team members and cultivates staff to become a highly productive personnel.

Specialties: Medical Billing, Accounts Receivable, Recruitment Support

Telephone Triage Assistant
8 YEARS Experience

Jeorivic is a registered nurse and excels in assessment, problem-solving skills and prioritization. She has in-depth knowledge of disease processes which requires acute critical clinical thinking skills. She also is efficient in technical skills such as phone operating, fixing internet and computer issues, and coordinating communication amongst the healthcare team.

Specialties: Triaging, Patient/Customer Service Skills, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Content Analysis and public engagement

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