Virtual Medical Scribe / Transcriptionist

Our virtual medical scribes help health providers efficiently run their practice and maintain a positive work-life balance. By working virtually alongside physicians during patient exams, our virtual scribes watch, listen and provide real-time documentation of the visit into your specific EMR.

Virtual Medical Scribe Service

• Secure Virtual Connection to Patient Exams• Live Clinical Documentation into your EMR• Same Day Chart Completion• Accurate Chart Review for Expedited Sign Off• Laboratory Orders and Referrals Sent• Clerical Duties Performed

Working With A Virtual Scribe

A typical day includes a brief morning check-in followed by patient visits, in which the virtual medical scribe works in tandem with the physician. From conducting the initial patient intakes to working alongside the physician and entering exam details into the EMR in live-time, to sending treatment orders and prescriptions. The virtual scribe reviews each chart for accuracy to provide the physician with expedited sign-offs and to boost physician productivity, helping to increase revenue and reducing physician burnout.

Working with a virtual scribe is like working with an “in-house” professional, but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if the exam room is small, a virtual scribe won’t take up valuable space—creating a better physician/patient experience.

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Virtual Medical Scribe Specialty Areas

Our HIPAA certified virtual scribes are passionate about healthcare and work virtually alongside physicians within the majority of medical disciplines.


ENT Scribes

Specialized in high volume office visits and accurately inputting all patient test results (lab, x-ray, EKG, etc) into the EMR.


Primary Care Scribes

Geared towards physicians who are constantly on the go, providing high-level insight on a multitude of tasks.


Psychiatric Scribes

Focuses on dictation, incoming faxes, phone calls, and verifying insurance, all while upholding the highest privacy standards.


Orthopedic Scribes

Works to provide physicians with a productive and flexible workflow to increase patient visits.


Neurology Scribes

Accompanies the physician virtually throughout the course of each patient visit, updating their medical record in real-time.


Ob/Gyn Scribes

Flexible scheduling and availability, working well in a fast-paced environment, and delivering tasks on time.


Cardiology Scribes

Trained to record crucial details of the physician’s assessment, assuring exact data and patient information.


Pediatric Scribes

Understands the physician’s need to focus on patients and families while improving visit productivity.


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The Benefits of Remote Medical Transcription

It’s important that every patient encounter is well documented by the healthcare provider. A traditional medical scribe would sit in during a doctor patient visit to keep notes during the exam. By shifting the medical scribe to a remote position, both the patient and the physician have more space and privacy in the exam room. Our scribes have a deep understanding of medical terminology, which ensures accurate documentation of patient visits. Allow us to keep an electronic medical record of patient visits so that you can focus on what you do best.


Live EMR Charting

With real-real time documentation entry into your EMR, patient charts are being completed at the same time as the exam. Charts are then reviewed for accuracy and expedited for physician sign off.

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Top 2% of Talent

We deliver the highest quality virtual assistants in the healthcare industry. With an extreme vetting process, only the top 2% of all virtual medical scribes who apply make it through in order to better serve you.

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HIPAA Certified

All of our healthcare virtual assistants are required to complete a robust certification course on HIPAA, including best practices on patient privacy.

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Better Patient Care

We know that all of the required paperwork can take away from the real goal, serving your patients. By hiring a virtual scribe to take over those back-end tasks, you are able to get back to what matters most.

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