General Questions

A: Based in the Philippines, our full-time virtual assistants fill a wide variety of job roles for clients in many industries, ranging from real estate to healthcare to marketing.

My Mountain Mover Virtual Assistants help you streamline your workflow by taking on the most time consuming business-related tasks for all types of industries and software platforms. Our targeted talent sourcing allows our clients to specify their virtual needs in order for us to best provide them with industry-focused, expert-level virtual support.

A: Every single MMM employee and assistant is HIPAA-trained, which means your information is always safe and secure. Another aspect unique to MMM is the quality of our VAs, who are expertly trained, target sourced, and among the top 2% of virtual employees worldwide. Additionally, we provide each client with their very own dedicated Industry Manager, who serves as their specified guide throughout the onboarding process and beyond. Finally, MMM offers the widest variety of job roles across the industry, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your business.

A: There are many benefits to hiring a My Mountain Mover VA, but the three most impactful results are decreased employment costs (by up to 70%!), valuable time gained in your day, and increased productivity. By handing off your most tedious and time consuming tasks, your brain power is freed up to tackle the things that only YOU can do! Hiring a VA is also the best way to scale your business without having to pay for expensive office space or equipment, guaranteeing sustainable growth.

A: Definitely! Our pricing is very competitive. Not only can you save thousands of dollars every month, you will also gain access to all of our unique client benefits. Additionally, we prioritize providing our virtual assistants with high wages, strong company culture, great benefits and opportunities to give back through our company charity, the Greater Heights Foundation. These rare benefits ensure low VA turnover rates and a long-lasting relationship between you and your virtual assistant. Contact our Sales Development Team to get a quote today!

A: Our main office is located at 1026 W Foothill Blvd Upland, CA 91786, while our talented, full-time virtual assistants are based in the Philippines.

A: My Mountain Mover virtual assistants can assist your business with a wide variety of tasks. These can range from administrative tasks, business development, medical, marketing, e-commerce, sales, and many others. They free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals by taking on the burden of recurring tasks and administrative work. This gives YOU more time to focus on doing the parts of your job that you love and enjoy.

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A: Generally you’ll communicate with your VA via email and video conferencing. We will also connect you via a free, multiplatform messaging app of your choice such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, etc. If you need your VA to have a US number, we can assist you in getting a free Google Voice number. However, for sales related calls and heavy volume calls we will direct you to our trusted partners (RingCentral, Nextiva, and Vonage) and they’ll provide you with the best options and support.

Another way we support our clients is through our assigned Industry Managers, your main point of contact who will support you throughout the onboarding process and beyond. Industry Managers will also assist you on how to delegate tasks, manage your VAs productivity and any other VA related questions.

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A: Our VAs provide their own personal laptop, a noise cancelling headset, a webcam, and a workstation. Company emails and credentials to access the clinic’s relevant tools will need to be set up by the client.

A: We track VA work hours with a time tracking software, which ensures that they are
logging in and out of their work device in a timely manner and the hours cannot be edited without admin approval. If needed, we can enable the screen capture feature to guarantee that your VAs are on task.

We also highly encourage our clients to audit their VAs periodically to verify that they are producing the expected results for their job role. Our VAs send out daily “end of day” reports with the total number of hours worked and breaks taken, plus a summary of their task accomplishments and status report of their ongoing tasks.

Medical / HIPAA Privacy Related Questions

A: The setup is very similar to hiring an in-office employee for your clinic. The only difference is that this person is in a remote location, doing all the tasks for the clinic remotely.

A: We strongly encourage our clients to ensure security procedures are in place when working with contractors. Our VAs are bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines. We also allow our clients to have their VAs sign an additional non-disclosure agreement specific to your business if needed.

Our IT Compliance Officer also ensures that your VAs’ devices are protected; hence conducting stringent periodic systems check analysis before and during assignment to a specific client.

A: Yes, all of our medical VAs are HIPAA trained and compliant to the HIPAA standards. You have a guarantee that we share the same level of commitment to ethics. We also have dedicated compliance officers that uphold strict implementation of these HIPAA standards.

Additionally, in the Philippines, the government implemented the Republic Act 10173, commonly known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012. It seeks to protect all forms of information, be it private, personal, or sensitive. It covers both natural and juridical persons involved in the processing of personal information.

A: Yes, this is included in the client contract that we, both clients and My Mountain Mover, will sign once you decide to move forward in hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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