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A Presbyterian lawyer and tradesman named John Neely Bryan relocated to a zone along the Trinity River where the middle of Dallas is currently located. He founded Dallas City in 1841 without knowing that the land belonged to the Texan Land and Emigration Company of St. Louis. He was able to legalize his claim to the land and attracted a lot of people to settle in the area.

Dallas earned a temporary county seat in 1846. After four years, the community chose Dallas over Cedar Springs and Oak Cliff as the authorized capital of the county seat.

Since Dallas has a great land area that stretches 999.3 km², people call it the “Big D.” Its population is presently at 1.3 million individuals. The “Big D” is the third largest city in the state and the 9th largest in the country.

Some residents refer to the place as the “Triple D” because of some utility logo.

You might have also heard of Dallas from the hit TV show Dallas that aired from the 70s-80s. Dallas ranches were featured in the show, and it contributed to the city’s rise to fame.

Many people from Dallas excel in sports, too. They have a world-renowned baseball team, The Texas Rangers and a professional football team, The Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas is also known for its skyscrapers. These high-rise buildings make the Dallas skyline a marvelous sight, especially at night. Among the tallest buildings in the metropolis include the Bank of America Plaza and the Renaissance Tower.

But wait, there’s more! Dallas is big on the arts, too. All kinds of art lovers will absolutely enjoy their time in the Dallas Arts District. In this district, you can find the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), which is one of the largest galleries in the United States.

There are plenty of annual feasts in Dallas as well. The State Fair of Texas happens every September to October at the Fair Park. It runs for 24 days. Meanwhile, the Riverfront Jazz Festival happens every September. Smaller barbecue events and other food festivals happen all year round.

The Business Climate in Dallas, Texas

Here’s a fun fact! Did you know that your good old 7-Eleven, which is the biggest convenience store chain worldwide, originated from Dallas? Well, it did!

The City of Dallas offers a wealth of career opportunities. It has a diverse business climate that hosts industries related to healthcare, telecommunications, finance and management, security and defense, and information technology.

Real estate companies continue to be among the fastest-growing businesses in Dallas. The city is located at the center of Texas, just a few-hour drive from two of the biggest companies in North America–Brookfield Asset Management and American Tower.

Dallas also ranks as the Top Millennial Magnet according to the 16th Annual Rankings Report of Business Facilities. More millennials are seeking to move to Dallas as they search for greener pastures. It is not a surprise that millennials make up the majority of the workforce in the city.

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