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The Central Pacific Railroad founded Fresno as a railroad terminal in 1872. Residents from neighboring Millerton were drawn to the comfort of the railroad, urging them to relocate near the place. Two years later, Fresno was appointed as the capital of the county and was then incorporated as a city in 1885.

Fresno is situated at the heart of San Joaquin Valley, south of California’s Central Valley. The river of San Joaquin Valley is known to be the longest river in Central California, and one of its major branches is the Fresno River. The banks of these bodies of water are lined by many ash trees called Fresno in Spanish. Hence, the name of the city.

People love Fresno because the city is so close to the national parks of Central California. It only takes about an hour to drive from Fresno to Yosemite National Park (60 miles north) and Kings Canyon National Park (60 miles east). The drive to Sequoia National Park (75 miles southeast) is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

If you are looking for a historic landmark, you might want to visit the Old Fresno Water Tower that used to be a repair center for water meters, or the fascinating landscape of the Forestiere Underground Gardens, or the grand Kearney Mansion Museum that gives you a peek of the emerging agriculture in San Joaquin Valley.

Not a fan of parks and museums? Fresno holds a number of exciting annual events for all ages. The most popular ones are the Ani-Me Con, the Fresno Spring Fair, the Big Fresno Fair, Fresno Greek Fest, Grizzly Fest, and the Piñata Fest.

The beloved city of Fresno is known not only for its vibrant festivals and tourist spots but also for its colleges. In 2019, the Washington Monthly magazine ranked Fresno State College 24th among all the universities and colleges throughout the nation.

Business and Trade in Fresno

To date, Fresno is now the 5th most populated city in California. Their main revenue comes from agricultural production. They are known for exporting cotton, raisins, pomegranates, figs, grapes, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables as well as livestock.

Fresno is also home to various industries aside from agriculture such as technological software, farm equipment, and garments.

Thousands of Fresnan workers are currently employed in healthcare, real estate, and marketing. My Mountain Mover can help Fresno businesses by providing them with reliable virtual assistance.

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