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When Los Angeles was founded in 1781, it was first named “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles sobre el Río Porciúncula” which means “The Town of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels of the Porciuncula River.”

Los Angeles (or LA for short) is well known for its movie, television, music, and video game industries, which are the reasons it has earned the reputation of being the Entertainment Capital of the World. Many movies and television shows are made in the Los Angeles area, and a lot of celebrities choose to settle in this warm, sunny place. No wonder Los Angeles is also called La La Land and Tinseltown.

Going to Los Angeles for the first time? Your trip will never be complete without getting a glimpse or taking pictures of the giant Hollywood sign located in the Santa Monica mountains. The sign has become a famous American landmark and a cultural icon. Many people associate it with the US film industry and many celebrities.

Today, the city of Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the US next to New York City. It has a total population of more than four million people. According to the US Census in 2000, the population of Los Angeles consists of 46.9% white, 11.42% black, 0.8% Native American, 9.99% Asian, and the rest are native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders.

Famous landmarks in Los Angeles include the TCL Chinese Theatre, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu Pier, Venice Canals, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Griffith Observatory, Natural History Museum, Beverly Hills, Warner Bros Studios, and Universal Studios.

Business Opportunities in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is one of the top players in the creative, manufacturing, banking, and retail market industries in the United States.

The Port of Los Angeles, one of the busiest seaports in the world, provides almost a million jobs to Southern California. It is a leading gateway for international trade in North America and has consistently ranked number one since 2000 for being the best container port in the United States.

The Los Angeles International Airport– being the doorway to the Pacific and the world– paved the way to the city’s success in the areas of trade, tourism, and innovation.

Starting or expanding a business in Los Angeles is an exciting endeavor, but a business owner’s time, effort, and focus should be spent strategically to help their business grow and reach greater heights.

My Mountain Mover – Your Trusted Virtual Assistant for Hire in Los Angeles, California

Are you constantly worried that there’s too much to do but not enough time to finish all your important tasks?

Are you overwhelmed with maintaining your website?

Do you find it hard to set aside time to follow-up with your clients?

Do you feel frazzled at the end of the day?

Wait no longer! Now is the perfect time to hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your business.

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work from a remote location and are skilled in handling specific tasks for a business.

Because virtual assistants work as independent contractors, you are not obliged to pay for their taxes, sick days, worker’s compensation, and other expenses, which you would need to cover if you hire in-house staff. These are huge additional savings for your business!

When you need to move mountains for your business, you deserve a Mountain Mover virtual assistant who can support you in your business journey.

Our experienced and talented Mountain Mover virtual assistants are not just your ordinary virtual assistants. Having gone through a strict screening process and rigorous training, they can help businesses achieve their peak performance and increase their savings by up to 70%, compared to hiring in-house staff.

Here are the things that a Mountain Mover can do for you:

Inbox management
Calendar management
Customer service support
Appointment setting
Project coordination
Cold calling/prospecting
CRM management
Lead generation and nurturing
Email marketing
Chat support
MLS & Listing Coordination
Data entry
Graphic design
Social media marketing
and a whole lot more!

Not from Los Angeles?

My Mountain Mover also covers these nearby cities:

Santa Ana

The Mountain Mover headquarters is located in Upland, California, and we serve all states in the US. Our virtual assistants, who are located in the Philippines, have been helping American businesses for at least five years. They are multitaskers, have good command of the English language, and have the right attitude to help any business reach their goals.

Do not let yourself be burdened with menial tasks. Delegate those time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant for hire in Los Angeles, CA, through My Mountain Mover. Give us a call at (909) 610-9793 today, and we will find you a virtual assistant who matches your business needs.