How The Hiring Process Works

How To Hire My Mountain Mover virtual assistants

How The Hiring Process Works

How it works step 1
1. Send Over Your Job Description

Let us know what job role you’d like to fill, what tasks need to be completed, and any special requirements.

How it works step 2
2. Personally interview qualified talent

We’ll find top candidates that precisely meet your needs. Select the best fit for your practice.

How it works step 3
3. Meet your dedicated support team

A dedicated manager assists you throughout the onboarding process and the VA relationship.

How it works step 4
4. Begin working with your VA

Upon placement, you’ll quickly be handing off tasks and enjoying the benefits of your new virtual assistant.


A: When hiring a virtual assistant, you’ll want to find a company that provides ample support so you can outsource efficiently. Although virtual healthcare assistants require training like any in-office employee, working with a VA provider that offers IT support, daily check-ins & time tracking software makes all the difference.

A: We are not the cheapest VA provider on the market, but for a good reason. We prioritize quality and pay our VAs a competitive salary, which results in MMM having higher retention rates for both clients & VAs, attracting the best VA talent, and clients gaining a more stable experience overall. Contact us and request pricing. Learn about the actual cost of a virtual assistant.

A: Our clients pay us a flat monthly fee, which includes their VA’s salary & benefits. We take care of everything HR related so you don’t have to.

A: All of our virtual assistants are from the Philippines. The country has many benefits that make it the ideal location to recruit talent. These include English being the country’s official language, the strong work ethic taught from a young age, the abundance of talent, and the opportunities we can provide them as far as compensation & career growth.

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