MMM taking clients new heights in 2023

How MMM Will Be Taking Clients To New Heights in 2023

While every company has a vision, only a few are willing to go above and beyond to achieve it.

Recently, we successfully concluded our Movers Summit, a black-tie gala dedicated to celebrating the achievements of our Filipino VAs and their contributions in propelling My Mountain Mover forward. However, before the celebration even began, our executives and team of directors gathered for the Leaders Retreat, a five-day transformative excursion where they brainstormed ideas on how to elevate the company’s level of service. Through their collaborative and insightful sessions, they were able to find new growth opportunities and strategize how My Mountain Mover will keep its momentum.

The successful execution of these strategies relied heavily on the unwavering commitment of our team of managers, which is why the Leaders Retreat was then followed by the Managers Retreat. Recognizing the importance of their role in guiding our VAs towards career fulfillment and growth, our managers participated in a two-day leadership training program to sharpen their skills and become even better leaders.

After the retreats, all support team members – from executives to associates – gathered for a night of good food, drinks, and appreciation. Donning stylish blue and white ensembles, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous nine-course meal while the executives recognized outstanding team members who ​​played a crucial role in helping us move mountains.

Then, of course, the Movers Summit took place, bringing together every single member of the My Mountain Mover family – including our valued Filipino VAs. With over 300 attendees, we created an unforgettable experience filled with excitement and camaraderie. Prizes worth $11,000 were joyfully given away, and our exceptional Movers were honored with well-deserved awards. Being the company’s most impactful event yet, the Movers Summit inspired everyone to go the extra mile in doing what they do.

With an overwhelming sense of unity, gratitude, and collective strength, My Mountain Mover is ready to help clients soar to even greater heights!