Building A Practice with Remote Staffing

How Remote Staffing Can Bring New Patients in the Door

As healthcare continues to advance, remote staffing solutions such as virtual medical assistants emerge as a valuable tool to keep practices at the forefront of the competition. By transcending geographical boundaries, remote staffing opens up unprecedented opportunities for patient outreach and engagement.

The convenience and enhanced accessibility of utilizing remote team members like virtual medical assistants are highly appealing to patients as they seek a more straightforward approach to healthcare. For this reason, remote team members can help retain existing patients and attract new ones in several ways, including:

1. Streamlining Administrative Operations

Virtual medical assistants are the key to optimizing administrative tasks in healthcare practices, allowing providers to focus on what they do best – providing exceptional patient care. From scheduling appointments to managing medical records and billing, these remote professionals can take care of both front and back-end tasks, allowing practices to benefit from smoother and more streamlined processes.

With the rise of digitalization – where people can do nearly everything with a click or a tap on the screen – patients increasingly seek convenience in their healthcare experience more than the quality of care itself [1]. By leveraging virtual team members, practices can cater to the patient’s needs and preferences for a seamless and accessible approach to healthcare.

2. Offering Virtual Care Solutions

As mentioned, patients increasingly seek healthcare solutions that offer convenience and ease of access. Virtual medical assistants enable practices to provide innovative solutions such as remote patient monitoring and facilitating telehealth sessions. They help coordinate schedules, ensure proper documentation, and guide patients through the technicalities of the process.

Offering virtual care options demonstrates a commitment to accessibility, which more and more patients prioritize nowadays. In the long run, this sets healthcare providers apart from their competitors and opens up new opportunities for practices to attract a broader range of patients, regardless of where they are.

3. Enhancing Patient Communication and Engagement

Effective communication is paramount to attracting and retaining patients in today’s highly competitive healthcare industry. To strengthen patient communication and engagement, practice leaders can leverage virtual medical assistants as their skillset commonly includes managing communication channels such as emails, online chat, and phone calls. In addition, they excel at promptly responding to patient inquiries and delivering vital information.

Furthermore, virtual medical assistants are a reliable point of contact for patients with non-emergency medical questions and concerns, providing seamless communication between them and their healthcare providers. Patients can also contact them for medication instructions, general health inquiries, or prescription refills. By doing so, virtual medical assistants promote patient satisfaction.

4. Improving Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Care

Virtual medical assistants positively impact patient satisfaction and the standard of care. By performing their tasks, practices can coordinate more effectively, ensuring the patient’s seamless journey. Before appointments, virtual assistants can collect patient information that helps healthcare providers better understand their medical history and individual needs.

Moreover, these remote professionals provide valuable patient support, including educating them on their treatment options, providing resources, and answering frequently asked questions. Patients often have questions about their healthcare journey, and virtual medical assistants promptly and accurately provide the necessary information. These remote professionals directly enhance the patient experience and overall satisfaction through this personalized support.

5. Ushering in the Future of Healthcare

As patients increasingly prefer a more straightforward approach to healthcare, convenience is key – for this reason, the healthcare industry is moving towards virtual solutions [2]. By incorporating virtual medical assistants into their teams, practice leaders can better prepare themselves for this new landscape, as working with them is anything but traditional.

A forward-thinking medical practice that embraces the latest healthcare innovations can provide patients with the cutting-edge treatments and superior experiences they prefer. By consistently adapting their approach and services, medical practices demonstrate a commitment to optimizing patient outcomes and satisfaction, ultimately building patient loyalty in an increasingly competitive industry.

How Can Practices Find the Best Virtual Medical Assistant?

To find a top-notch virtual medical assistant for their practice, leaders have multiple strategies at their disposal. Virtual medical assistants can cover a variety of job titles, so practice leaders need to identify the specific role they need and the necessary qualifications to succeed in it. Establishing specific job requirements will also help practice leaders filter out unsatisfactory candidates.

During the selection process, practice leaders must prioritize clear communication by defining specific expectations from candidates, such as the desired skill sets, experience levels, and familiarity with relevant healthcare terminologies. Conducting thorough interviews or consultations with candidates is necessary to assess their professionalism, communication skills, and adaptability to the practice’s particularities.

In terms of where practice leaders can find their ideal candidate for the job, several online platforms host thousands of qualified candidates, such as LinkedIn, Fiverr, and UpWork. These websites are where people from all over the world create professional profiles and establish connections to find an employer who is satisfied with what they bring to the table. While these platforms make recruitment more manageable, it is up to the practice to shoulder most of the efforts.

Alternatively, practices can leverage the services of reputable virtual assistant companies to find the best virtual medical assistant quickly and easily. These companies handle the entire recruitment process on behalf of practice leaders, including posting job openings, screening and interviewing applicants, and generating contracts. Doing so saves valuable time that can be better spent on patient care and other critical tasks.

For healthcare practices in the US seeking virtual medical assistants, My Mountain Mover is the top provider. Our rigorous applicant vetting process guarantees our clients only get the top 2% of VAs in the industry. Our skilled VAs are also supported by a dedicated team of account managers, trainers, payroll specialists, and HIPAA compliance officers.

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