Medical scribe software

Medical Scribe Software for Virtual Assistants

In the medical industry, there is no room for mistakes, and accuracy is crucial, as any error in medical information can be detrimental to your practice and patients. Over 7 million inaccurate diagnoses occur in US emergency rooms annually[1] – you wouldn’t want your practice to tread the same path.

As a doctor, your primary concern is to provide the best possible care to your patients. The more time you can spend talking to patients and less time documenting the their visit, can make all the difference.

In addition It would be beneficial to outsource note-taking during your patient appointment by leveraging virtual medical scribes.

What is a virtual medical scribe and what do they do?

A virtual medical scribe is a remote employee whose primary responsibility is to “accompany” doctors during patient encounters via an internet conncetion, listen in real-time to the doctor-patient exchange, and make sure that everything said and heard is captured and written word for word. Virtual medical scribe documents can include the following:

  • Patient history
  • Reported symptoms
  • Current and prescribed medications
  • Test results and diagnosis

What medical scribe software is the best the best fit for your practice?

When your virtual scribe has access to adequate resources, they can minimize human error and expedite the transcription process, ultimately boosting the number of patients you see daily. However, your choice of medical scribe software must be reliable and secure because you don’t want any risk of system crashes or HIPAA breaches.

Based on our research, here are FIVE reliable medical scribe software you can leverage in 2023.


Developed in 2007, WebChartMD is one of the top medical scribe software your practice can utilize. Its main features include recording dictations, audio file management, analytics and reporting, and customizing columns and metadata labels. WebChartMD works on a cloud server, therefore minimizing the need for physical servers that can take up space in your practice and is more likely to break down.

The FTW Transcriber

Offering loads of features and prompt support without any charge whatsoever, The FTW Transcriber is software your virtual medical scribe can use to streamline their work. It allows the automatic addition of timestamps and frames, playback for audio and video in various formats, and even the conversion of files. Furthermore, The FTW Transcriber can work on local or remote servers, reducing the likelihood of a server migration should you prefer one.


A platform designed specifically for mobile devices, ZyDoc is a dictation app that allows you to record the audio from your patient appointments. One of its unique features is that it can be connected to your current EHR, making the entire process accessible for your virtual medical scribe. Because it is developed specifically for medical practices, ZyDoc is 99.6% accurate versus speech recognition and is 100% HIPAA-compliant.

Dragon Professional Individual

Featuring a next-generation speech engine called “Deep Learning Technology,” Dragon Professional Individual transcribes more accurately than most competitors. On top of the usual scribe features like audio upload and playback, it also allows your virtual medical scribe to generate reports and documents. Another one of its features is importing personalized word lists for abbreviations or terminology frequently used in your practice.

INVOX Medical

Utilized in nearly 20 countries, INVOX Medical is one of the few medical scribe software that has over 15 dictionaries full of medical terminologies unique to various areas of practice, raising its reliability to almost 100%. Moreover, it can also be integrated into your existing system while running off of either cloud-based or physical servers. INVOX Medical has a support team to help you and your virtual medical scribe make the most out of it.

Where can you source great virtual talent?

With the recent increase of people opting to work remotely, you can hire a virtual medical scribe from any established job posting site. However, if the quality is essential to you and you want the added reassurance of having a virtual medical scribe who is 100% HIPAA compliant and is thoroughly screened, source them from dedicated VA companies like My Mountain Mover.

We are a US-based VA company with a pool of experienced medical virtual assistants who have received comprehensive training to ensure they can efficiently fill in the gaps in your practice. In addition, our VAs can also help you save thousands of dollars from overhead costs.

Book a 10-minute intro call with us today to learn more about how we can help you move mountains!


[1] More than 7 million incorrect diagnoses made in US emergency rooms every year, government report finds