Virtual Medical Coder

Virtual Medical Coders are in high demand and are a vital part of your health information management. Managing, assigning and sequencing medical codes can be easily handed off to a specialized certified coding specialist. Our remote medical coders are experts in analyzing medical records, performing chart audits, assigning codes, and more. They integrate so seamlessly into your daily workflow that your medical billers, staff, and patients will think they’re speaking to someone right in your office.

Virtual Medical Coding Services

• Analyzes Medical Records and Identifies Documentation Deficiencies
• Sequence All Codes for Services Rendered
• Performs Chart Audits & Examines Documents for Errors
• Assigns CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM and ASA codes

Working With A Virtual Medical Coding Specialist

Our virtual assistants are eager to help streamline your practice and are specifically trained for the fast-paced workflow that a medical coder role entails. Professional coders understand complex medical terminology and can ensure accuracy for your medical records, billing department, health insurance providers, and patients. A typical day can include a brief morning check-in to communicate project status to the physicians, staff, and medical biller.

Throughout the day, your certified professional coder will make sure the code process is as streamlined as possible. Our certified coding specialists have passed the CPC exam and have earned their coding certification. The expertise of a virtual medical coder frees your time up to get back to health care and your patients.

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HIPAA Compliant

All of our medical VAs are required to complete compliance courses on HIPAA, including best practices on patient privacy.

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Onboarding Team

Seamlessly onboard your VA thanks to our team of professionals who provide support & guidance throughout the onboarding process.


Industry Manager

MMM clients receive a dedicated Industry Manager to help manage their VA, ensure goals are being met & answer any questions that may arise.

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