Virtual Assistants For Pediatricians

Our virtual assistants for pediatricians are HIPAA compliant and can handle almost any administrative task required to run your practice. Which means you and your staff spend less time on tedious work such as answering phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, ordering tests and so much more. Maximizing the efficiency of your pediatric practice and giving you time to deliver a quality patient experience.

What Can Virtual Assistants For Pediatricians Do?

Virtual assistants for pediatricians can handle anything that your current pediatric assistant can handle if they were working from home. For example, they can’t bring you a cup of coffee, but they can do just about any job role your practice might need that is supported by an internet connection, such as:

• Medical Receptionist
• Medical Biller, Insurance Verification
• Medical Coder
• General Admin Assistant
• Medical Scribe / Transciptionist
• Patient / Treatment Coordinator
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• Telehealth / Telemedicine Assistant
• Telephone Triage
• Business Developer VA
• Marketing VA

What's it Like to Work With a Virtual Assistant?

If your wondering what it would be like to hire a virtual assistant for your pediatric practice, lets take a look at some the ways it might work:

A Simplified Work Day: With a virtual assistant you wont have to worry about routine office tasks that often distract and consume your time and energy. You can focus on what’s important, such as patient care.

Added Capacity: Outsourcing will allow you to expand the capabilities of your pediatric practice and increase patient throughput without the need to increase office space or purchase equipment.

Lower Expenses: A HIPAA compliant virtual assistant can save your practice up to 70% compared to hiring in-house staff. That’s a big win for your bottom line.

More Free Time: Hiring a virtual assistant for your pediatric practice can do more than improve your time at work, it can help you gain back the free time you’ve been missing out on, and improve your work-life balance.

Hire HIPAA Compliant Virtual Assistants for Pediatricians

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HIPAA Compliant

All of our medical VAs are required to complete compliance courses on HIPAA, including best practices on patient privacy.

Onboarding Team

Seamlessly onboard your medical VA thanks to our team of professionals who provide support & guidance throughout the onboarding process.

Industry Manager

MMM clients receive a dedicated Industry Manager to help manage their medical VA, ensure goals are being met & answer any questions that may arise.

Save 70% in Employment Costs

Achieve sustainable growth while saving up to 70% in employment costs through remote medical staffing.

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