Hire A Virtual Medical Receptionist

A positive patient experience goes a long way toward contributing to the overall success of your medical practice. That’s why it is vital that you streamline your front desk operations to best serve your patients & better their overall experience. Hiring a virtual medical receptionist is the best first step you can take to make that happen.

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Benefits of a Virtual Medical Receptionist

A virtual medical receptionist is a cost-effective way to help ease the burden on your staff while maintaining high customer service for your patients.

A virtual receptionist provides excellent customer care while conducting daily operational tasks such as taking incoming calls, scheduling appointments, verifying medical insurance, planning referrals, handling prescription refills, and more. Having a virtual receptionist on your team allows you to enjoy remarkable benefits like reduced employee turnover and better patient satisfaction scores.

The Personal Touch

When we talk about a virtual receptionist, we are not referring to AI or chatbots.

Our virtual medical receptionists are highly trained, real people who have undergone a rigorous vetting process. They work with you throughout the day to ensure that your front desk is streamlined and responsive. More than just a live answering service, virtual receptionists are a cost-effective solution for your practice. They allow you to increase appointment scheduling while maintaining a high level of patient care and satisfaction.

No longer will your staff and physicians feel behind or left out of the loop, even when plans change throughout the day. With your virtual receptionist communicating requests and responding to developments in real time, you’ll always feel prepared and up to date for whatever the day throws your way.

A Savvy Investment

When you hire a virtual medical receptionist, you’ll join the thousands of industries that have already experienced the benefits of virtual assistants to maximize their business potential.

57% of companies feel that outsourcing lets them focus on their core business, and 59% of businesses use outsourcing to reduce their expenses. As a matter of fact, your bottom line is one of the primary benefits of investing in a virtual medical receptionist service. While an in-house personal assistant might cost you upwards of $39K per year, a virtual assistant might cost anywhere between $4 to $16K per year, depending on a variety of factors.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Answering Calls

Instead of leaving comments and questions with a medical answering service, your patients can connect with a real person. Having one person to consistently answer patient calls will give your patients a touchstone by which they can feel more personally connected to your practice.

Handling Appointments

When it comes to scheduling appointments, patients can sometimes need a helping hand. That’s where virtual receptionists come in. They schedule and confirm appointments, cancel where necessary, send out reminders—and pretty much anything else you need help with when it comes to appointments.
With these operations running smoothly, your entire practice will benefit from the work of your virtual medical receptionist.

Conducting Insurance Verification

The steps involved in insurance verification can prove tedious and time-consuming. A virtual receptionist, however, can handle these matters quickly and effectively, leaving you to focus on patient care without undue distractions.

Managing Prescription Refills

Prescription refill procedures often pose quite a challenge, particularly for primary care practices. Fortunately, a virtual medical assistant can streamline the steps involved and handle them on your behalf, making sure the patients get refills if and when they’re needed.

Expediting Clerical Tasks

So much of what keeps an office running happens behind the scenes. Thanks to digitalization, tedious activities including collecting information, keeping records, managing paperwork, and many other clerical tasks, can all be handled offsite by your virtual medical receptionist.

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Why Use My Mountain Mover?

Ready to hand over your everyday office tasks and streamline patient experience? My Mountain Mover is the perfect choice to pair you with an outstanding virtual medical receptionist.

HIPAA Compliant

All our healthcare virtual assistants are required to complete a robust compliance course on HIPAA, including best practices on patient privacy. They’re fully trained and up to speed from day one. Additionally, My Mountain Mover has dedicated compliance officers to ensure VAs adhere strictly to HIPAA standards.

Better Patient Care

In any medical office, daily administrative responsibilities can feel like a burden. Though these tasks are essential, they do not feel like a good use of a trained physician’s dedicated time and attention. By hiring a virtual assistant to take over these matters, you are free to get back to what you care about most—serving your patients.

Well-trained and Highly Vetted Professionals

At My Mountain Mover, we deliver the highest quality virtual assistants in the healthcare industry. Thanks to our rigorous vetting process, only the top 2% of all virtual medical receptionists who apply make it through in order to better serve you.

Decreased Employment Costs

Hiring someone in-house is a time-consuming and expensive process. Finding an exceptional receptionist can be difficult and you must still train them in best practices.

A virtual medical receptionist, on the other hand, comes trained with a working knowledge of the industry. They also lower ongoing payroll costs and increase productivity. Over the long haul, you will also save money on equipment and office space, seeing as you will not need to provide them for your virtual receptionist.

Improved Communication and Patient Satisfaction

When patients call the office, they are looking to speak to a live person who can help them. They often feel frustrated leaving messages or speaking with an answering service that doesn’t have the answers.

However, there is no need to use an automated system or answering service when you have a dedicated virtual receptionist. All our virtual receptionists are comfortable in the medical field and specifically trained to understand your practice and deliver outstanding customer service — keeping your patients well-informed and satisfied.

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Ready to leverage the power of a virtual medical receptionist to benefit your practice?

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