Virtual Medical Receptionist

Our virtual medical receptionists integrate so seamlessly into your daily workflow that patients think they’re speaking to someone right in your office, and so will you. They provide the highest level of customer care while taking incoming calls, setting up and managing appointments, verifying medical insurance, planning referrals, handling prescription refills and more.

Virtual Medical Receptionist Services

• Phones Answered• Appointments Scheduled & Confirmed• Insurance Verified• Physicians and Staff Notified of Updates• Lab Results and Prescription Orders Handled• Requests Processed• Clerical Duties Performed• Customer Service Improved

Working With A Virtual Medical Receptionist

Our virtual medical receptionists are eager to be of use in your practice and are used to the fast paced workflow that a medical receptionist role entails. A typical day might include a brief morning check-in followed by the opening of your office in which your virtual medical receptionist can be live on a screen/monitor to greet and check in patients, take incoming calls, emails & faxes, communicate urgent requests to the physicians and staff, follow up on insurance verification & lab results, etc.

Throughout the day, your virtual medical receptionist will make sure your front desk is as streamlined as possible, being proficient in a multitude of tasks: allowing an increase in appointments, a more relational approach with your patients, and a cost-efficient solution for your practice.

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Patient Communication

There is no need to use a medical answering service when you have a virtual receptionist. You'll get so much more with our virtual receptionists—specifically trained to understand your practice and deliver outstanding customer service.

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Top 2% of Talent

We deliver the highest quality virtual assistants in the healthcare industry. With an extreme vetting process, only the top 2% of all virtual medical receptionists who apply make it through in order to better serve you.

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HIPAA Compliant

All of our healthcare virtual assistants are required to complete a robust compliance course on HIPAA, including best practices on patient privacy.

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Better Patient Care

We know admin tasks can distract physicians from the real goal—serving patients. By hiring a virtual receptionist to take over those tasks, you are able to get back to what matters most.