Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

It’s quick and easy to hand off routine patient scheduling tasks to a virtual patient care coordinator. Your patients will think they’re talking with someone right in your office as they set up an initial or follow-up exam, confirm or modify an appointment, review test results, and more. Saving your practice both time and money.

Virtual Patient Care Coordinator Services

• Appointment Management• New Patient Intake• Patient Scheduling & Confirmation• Test Results Overview with Patient

Working With A Virtual Patient Coordinator

Our virtual assistants are eager to be of use in your practice and are used to the fast-paced workflow that a patient coordinator role entails. A typical day might include a brief morning check-in to communicate scheduling status to the physicians and staff.

Throughout the day, your virtual patient care coordinator will make sure your appointment management systems are as streamlined as possible, being proficient in a multitude of tasks including scheduling and confirming patient appointments, providing patient intake, reviewing test results with patients, and more.

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HIPAA Compliant

All of our medical VAs are required to complete compliance courses on HIPAA, including best practices on patient privacy.

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Onboarding Team

Seamlessly onboard your VA thanks to our team of professionals who provide support & guidance throughout the onboarding process.


Industry Manager

MMM clients receive a dedicated Industry Manager to help manage their VA, ensure goals are being met & answer any questions that may arise.

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