Dental Health Trends

2023 Dental Health Trends: What Practices Need to Know

Dentistry is rapidly changing as revolutionary technology emerges, introducing efficient and effective treatments to improve patient experiences and outcomes. In 2023, dental professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest advancements to provide top-notch care and remain at the forefront of the industry.

Moreover, dental practitioners must pay attention to evolving patient demands and preferences. With this ongoing shift, dental professionals may need to adopt new approaches to cater to such patients. Staying up-to-date and accommodating these trends can help dental practices provide top-notch care and achieve maximum growth.

The Emphasis on Patient Convenience

Consumer behavior has drastically changed recently, with convenience taking the top priority. Technology has made it possible for people to browse through various products and services at their fingertips. As a result, businesses must focus on ensuring accessibility and convenience to stay relevant. Dental practices must also adapt to these changes, enhancing customer experience and building a robust online presence. Offering same-day dentistry services can help meet the growing demands of patients [1].

The ultimate objective of running a practice is to provide excellent service that satisfies patients. When they are content and feel healthy during their visit, they are likely to return, give positive feedback, and promote the practice’s services on their platforms through referrals and content sharing. Efficient and high-quality care that saves patients’ time is the key to maintaining a successful practice and expanding its online presence.

The Appropriate Marketing Approach

Like professionals in other industries, dentists will encounter challenges meeting patient demands and desires for convenience and efficiency. Dental practices must prioritize earning positive reviews and fostering a positive customer experience to differentiate themselves from the competition. Doing so involves consolidating marketing efforts, eliminating ineffective campaigns, and improving community management and engagement strategies.

Furthermore, dental practices must provide accurate and informative resources as online self-diagnosis becomes more common among patients. By incorporating blog articles, content, and videos on websites and social media channels, practices can ensure that patients are well-informed and less likely to hold misconceptions. Additionally, educating patients builds trust and forms positive relationships before their first visit.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Utilizing customer relationship management systems or CRMs can greatly enhance dental care providers’ ability to create effective patient-nurturing plans. These systems enhance the retention of current patients while also attracting potential patients. Automating administrative processes is a key element in improving patient convenience.

With relationship management capabilities, dentists can better connect with patients, schedule appointments, and create customized content based on individual patient details such as classification, preference, and history. Ultimately, implementing CRM technology into a dental practice can revolutionize how practitioners care for patients.

Digital Impressions and Digital Dentistry

Digital impressions are the latest breakthrough in the field, doing away with the traditional putty most patients dread. This innovation allows dentists to accurately and precisely capture impressions of the mouth, creating virtual models of soft and hard tissue to create custom dental prosthesis devices. Besides patient comfort, digital impressions help labs streamline workflows as it does away with physical impressions that take up space, can be lost, or damaged.

Digital dentistry enables dental students to benefit from augmented reality or AR technology, receive direct feedback, and move away from reliance on live patients. These innovations ultimately revolutionize dental education and set the bar higher.

3D Printing

3D printing technology is transforming dentistry, empowering dental professionals to create personalized dental appliances such as provisional restorations, preventive care gear, and aligners in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost. Dentists can provide more efficient and timely patient care by embracing this technology. This convenience can be further maximized through subscription-based online services that offer flexibility and ease of access.

Although the direct-to-consumer aligner model has encountered challenges, dental professionals remain hopeful about its potential. This innovative approach enables patients to obtain aligners without needing in-person dental appointments, which has captured the interest of younger generations seeking maximum convenience.


Teledentistry presents dentists with both opportunities and costs. It allows them to provide care to a wider audience, including older people, PWDs, and patients who are uncomfortable receiving in-person care. Teledentistry expands a practice’s reach and allows for more growth.

Furthermore, teledentistry improves access to care for remote communities, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced disparities. However, implementing teledentistry can be challenging and resource-intensive. Dentists must invest in the necessary technology and infrastructure to provide high-quality care remotely.

Dental Virtual Assistants

Dental virtual assistants offer remote support to dental practices, taking care of tasks such as appointment scheduling, patient record upkeep, and managing billing and insurance claims. By delegating these tasks to dental virtual assistants, practitioners can streamline administrative tasks and have more time to focus on providing top-quality care to their patients.

Optimizing dental practice operations can improve patient outcomes, promote satisfaction, and increase revenue. With dental virtual assistants, practices can achieve these goals more cost-effectively than employing an in-person assistant. Dental virtual assistants help practitioners succeed in a highly competitive industry without needing to be in the practice’s physical location.

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