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In-House or Virtual Assistant: Which is Better?

Everyone dreams of financial freedom. For people like you, doing business is the ticket to the realization of that dream. Besides financial gains, being your own boss gives you the much-needed leeway to pursue your passions and take more control over your time — or so many think.

However, reality bites. A thriving business requires more than just passion. While passion keeps the motivation high, you need real manpower to actually get things done. This is where you can appreciate the benefits of a virtual assistant. Given their scope, you can expect that they have a wide range of virtual assistant skills such as those in market research, data entry, email management, content creation, lead generation, sales, and a whole lot more.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should go for a virtual professional when you can go for in-house assistants or secretaries. After all, in-house assistants are the convention, and many big companies have them. In the succeeding sections, you’ll see how virtual assistants fare better than in-house employees on factors that matter to your business.


Costs in terms of salary and overhead are where virtual assistants really have a huge advantage over on-site employees. Let’s take a look at these two expenses one by one.

Virtual assistants are paid lower wages because they are considered independent contractors. This means that you just pay for the price of their services and nothing more. There is no need for added compensation such as health benefits and social security; they take care of these matters themselves. Of course, you can add a performance bonus if you feel like it, but that is totally voluntary.

When it comes to overhead costs, hiring virtual assistants is cheaper simply because there is no need to rent a nice office space for them. Given the high cost of commercial rentals in the United States, saving on rent is going to have a big positive impact on your business’s financial structure.

Aside from money spent on office space, you also get to save money spent on office equipment such as laptops or computers. Virtual assistants use and maintain their own tools. If there really is a need for it, all that you have to purchase are licenses for business software.

Given all of these savings, having a virtual assistant or two by your side can help you save up to 70% on employment costs. This is a lot of money; and you can definitely use it on more important line items in your budget such as marketing and product development or improvement.

Talent and Skill

It’s totally understandable if you want to work only with the best talents. However, there is no evidence that either in-house assistants or virtual assistants are more talented than the other. This means that as far as this factor is concerned, it’s a draw.

But virtual assistants are highly productive and efficient in their work because they understand that their income depends on the value they provide to their client, and not on the number of hours they have rendered. Your virtual assistant only needs a background about your business and your goals and thorough instructions of his/her tasks. You will be surprised how fast he/she can check off his/her to-do list once he/she starts working for you.


No one can deny that communication is a really important part of business. Frankly speaking, the people that you work with on-site are oftentimes the easiest to communicate with. You can simply approach them if there are matters that need to be discussed. So, when it comes to communication, the on-site assistants win over the virtual assistants.

Of course, there are numerous things that can be done to make sure that communication, albeit virtual, between you and your virtual assistant is constant and effective. Because they are mobile, they can work either at home or in shared office spaces where the internet connection is a lot more stable. You can communicate with your virtual assistants through email, voice calls, chat or social messaging, and video conferencing. As long as there is a stable internet, communicating with your virtual assistant won’t be a problem.


When you do business, there are times when you need to accomplish short-term assignments or tasks such as doing market research and making reports. Virtual assistants are perfect for such tasks because they understand that their work is mostly project-based. They won’t mind being moved from one function to another, depending on what your business needs at the moment. This hop from one task to another may even be exciting for them because they love to learn and acquire more skills.


To conclude, it is quite clear that you get more benefits when you choose to hire a virtual assistant. Yes, there are challenges, but these are matters that can be remedied quite easily.

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