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The 6 Essential Skills for a Virtual Assistant to Master

So many tasks but so little time. Most people face this problem in this distracting world. Multiply this by a thousand if you’re a startup business or an established corporation adapting to the new normal.

If you try to handle all tasks on your own, you may find yourself overwhelmed and might give up one day. You have to admit that you just can’t do it all. Getting help from professionals with the right virtual assistant skills is a wise decision if you want to remain competitive in these challenging times.

Finding the right virtual assistant may not be very easy, though. You may be asking, “What skills does a virtual assistant need to have so they can be of great help?” That’s the question we’ll try to answer today.

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Foundational Skills

Time Management

It all starts with how a virtual assistant manages their time. As mentioned earlier, there are so many things to do to make your business competitive. The reason why you’re getting a virtual assistant is to lighten the load and accomplish tasks that you can’t do well alone.

A virtual assistant must learn to identify the tasks that need to be done and allot time for each. Knowing how much time is needed to accomplish a task excellently is a great skill. This helps them manage their time well and make more reliable timeline projections.

Discipline and Focus

Discipline and focus are essential components of time management. A virtual assistant can manage their time well if they are disciplined in their ways and they are focused on the task.
An experienced virtual assistant perhaps fare better than newbies in terms of discipline and focus. Those who have been doing this kind of work for years may have already established a routine. They may have already set their homes up to be conducive for work, which means that their environment gives them the ability to focus.

Discipline and focus, if developed well, allow a virtual assistant to thrive wherever they are.

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Advanced Skills

Online Research

You definitely would want to have a “Googleworm” to help you sort things out. Online research is a specific skill that tops everything else. After all, almost everything can be found via Google these days! In fact, that’s how you landed on this article, right?

There are free resources online that help us with research. The following are examples:

Online courses

Whatever style of learning a person has, there’s a matching online resource available. We don’t need virtual assistants who know it all, but we surely need those who know how to do research online when they need to learn and do new things for us. The skills for online research can actually be considered as a virtual assistant’s superpowers.

Graphic Design

Decades back, graphic design seemed to be a job for those who had years of experience in designing posters, pamphlets, and advertising materials. These days, however, graphic design is an easy-to-do task for those who have the creative eye. For those who don’t, graphic design is a skill that can be learned… if you have the time.

Designing graphics includes:

Choosing the right colors;
Picking the perfect elements; and
Arranging them into a visually appealing material that will reinforce your brand.

Driving brand awareness is something that graphic design can do for you. Creating compelling graphics is a job that can be assigned to a virtual assistant.

Social Media Management

Social media is still relatively new in the business world. Yet, it’s quickly become a relevant venue for marketing across all industries. Managing social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest has become one of the most relevant virtual assistant skills in the 21st century.

Social media management includes:

Researching about competitor’s social media activities
Identifying what type of content works in specific platforms
Coordinating with the graphic designer to create content that works (or creating content on their own)
Scheduling posts on social media
Analyzing social media stats
Implementing changes based on data and stats analysis

Creative Writing

Last but definitely not is creative writing skills. Remember that your target audience now reads online resources before making a decision to purchase a product or service. Among the best ways to convince them to choose you is by writing down an effective and creative content that describes what you’re offering.

That’s why in answering the question, “What skills does a virtual assistant need,” you just cannot omit creative writing from the list. A virtual assistant who knows how to write emails, blogs, website content, social media content, and other types of text that improves messaging can be an asset to your business.

In the online world where competitors make noise every day, it’s hard to keep up when you do it all alone. Have you considered getting a virtual assistant to help you? Do you still have doubts or worries about hiring a virtual assistant? Are you concerned your business processes might be affected if you delegate some of your tasks to a virtual assistant?

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