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5 Reasons Why Successful Companies Are Hiring Virtual Assistants

Are you worried about the mounting paperwork on your desk? Do you have a heavy workload at the moment? Or is there just a lot of pending stuff that you need to take care of? We can go on and on, but one things for sure is that you need them done on time!

Here’s the rub: Doing a lot of time-consuming tasks for your business can be overwhelming and distressing. It would be best if you acknowledged that you cannot do everything by yourself. You need help, and you need it fast!

When you’re facing a tremendous amount of work, it’s the perfect time to hire a virtual assistant to work for you.

But what are virtual assistants? What do they do?

What are Virtual Assistants?

In simple terms, virtual assistants are skilled independent contractors who provide various services to business owners and executives and work from a remote location.

Virtual assistants provide vital services to clients, including but not limited to administrative services like writing reports and emails, keeping track of the client’s business schedules and appointments, screening incoming calls, and doing market research. They can also perform advanced and technical tasks like team and project coordination, SEO, Google ads management, email marketing, product listing optimization, order fulfillment, and several others.

Most virtual assistants usually work in their own home offices. To avoid boredom, some would prefer to go out and do their work in coffee shops or co-working spaces where there is stable Internet connection and reasonable peace and privacy.

Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants

Throughout the years, being a virtual assistant has become a popular online job. Those who take on these jobs have in-demand talents and skills, which is why companies benefit so much from their virtual assistants.

The following sections discuss some of the specific reasons successful companies are hiring virtual assistants.

1. Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

The perks of having virtual assistants have long been enjoyed by entrepreneurs like Amy Vetter of B3 Method Institute, David Breckheimer of Keller Williams Realty, Inc., and even independent professionals like best-selling author and award-winning publisher, Richard Mcmunn, among others.

Sources say that these entrepreneurs and professionals are triumphant in their operations because they do not overwhelm their key employees with various tasks that could be delegated to virtual assistants. They understand that for their team to function at a high level, they need to ensure their employees have ample time and focus on meaningful projects that are important to their business. So when they see that their team has an enormous amount of work on their plates, they immediately seek the help of virtual assistants.

Not getting a pool of virtual assistants for fear of increasing salary costs will affect your team’s efficiency. Hire virtual assistants and delegate some of your menial tasks to them. You will see better results not only in the efficiency of your team, but considerable savings in employment costs as well. Read on to discover what the other benefits are when you have virtual assistants to support your business.

2. Improve Your Products and Services

One of the visions of many companies, perhaps including yours, is to not be stagnant. You need someone to be your eyes and ears in the market. You need a virtual assistant to be updated on what is current and trending. You need a virtual assistant to research the new preferences of mainstream customers by getting both negative and positive feedback. You need the inputs of other people to improve the products and services that your company offers, and virtual assistants can bring you just that.

3. Saves You Valuable Time

Time is equivalent to gold if you use it properly. If you want your business to thrive, maximize your time by doing something that has more impact on your business. You can only do so if you invest in virtual assistance and get a pool of skilled and talented people from different parts of the world to work for you.

You might have a lot of brilliant ideas in mind, but you could not realize them because of time constraints and lack of human resources. Now is the time to fulfill your vision for your company. You, your employees, and your virtual assistants can work together to achieve your business goals.

Who knows? With your virtual assistants, your company can even earn passive income. You see, time really is gold!

4. Add Flexibility To Your Business

Are you planning to have 24-hour customer service for your company? Well, virtual assistance is the answer. Since you get to work with virtual assistants from other parts of the world, like the Mountain Mover virtual assistants who are based from the Philippines, you can rest assured that your avid customers’ needs and queries will be served and attended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outsourcing has become a trend nowadays. There are plenty of virtual assistants willing to work the graveyard shifts just to conform to your time zone. This, hence, makes the schedule of your business operations totally flexible.

5. Assist in Cost-Cutting

If you think that hiring virtual assistants is an additional cost for your company, think again. Entrusting some of your business’s functions to a virtual assistant can actually save you a great deal of fortune. An estimated 78 percent of your operating costs every year can be saved if you hire a virtual assistant rather than a full-time employee.

If you want to bring your company costs even lower, you can hire virtual assistants from countries with low costs of living. You can already close deals with skilled virtual assistants from those places for a rate way lower than 35 dollars per hour. Besides giving them work opportunities, you are also giving them and their families an excellent chance to enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life.

So, do you have some tasks that need to get done in the next few days? Don’t wait too long to finish it alone and be stressed out. Invest in a reliable virtual assistant that My Mountain Mover can expertly provide for you! Contact us at (909) 610-9793 for more details. You can also send us an email at